The PetroJet Leadership Team

Myles McDougall - President

Myles McDougall


Myles McDougall is the founder and President of PetroJet Canada.  Previously, he held the position of Senior Vice President of ABN AMRO Bank with varied responsibilities for Oil and Gas Equity Research in the U.S., Europe and Latin America.  He was also Director and Country Head of Equity Research for ABN AMRO Securities (Brazil) and is a former Executive Assistant to the Provincial Treasurer of Alberta.   He obtained a BA degree in Economics from the University of Calgary and a joint MBA from the University of Western Ontario/IESE - University of Navarra, Barcelona, Spain.  

Brian Stainthorpe - VP Operations

Brian Stainthorpe

Vice President of Operations

Brian Stainthorpe has a Completions / Operations background with 26 years of oil and gas experience. Mr. Stainthorpe most recently provided completion expertise and project management skills to several projects for Petrobakken Energy and Petrobank Energy and Resources. Since 2003, at Petrobank, he was involved with horizontal completions in the Bakken formation which included revolutionary changes and development of multiple fracture stimulation of the horizontal sections. He was also involved with thermal and heavy oil operations, conventional gas and oil operations and stimulations, shallow gas project design and execution, as well as non conventional gas production and stimulation from shale plays including Horn River and Montney formations. He led the Petrobakken development of the Cardium play in central Alberta by bringing proven horizontal stimulation practices into the area and developed better frac techniques to be used in this play. His expertise with completion operations, project management, and stimulation design allowed the projects to be completed within the estimated costs and in a minimal time frame.

His experience lends valuable expertise in all types of operations, stimulations, fishing, and remedial repair on gas and oil wells both sweet and sour. Mr. Stainthorpe’s planning, project management, and technical expertise was instrumental to the success of several projects and his services have enhanced production and allowed projects to be completed at or lower than budget estimates. Continuous technical improvements have led to innovative completion techniques which are on the leading edge for the industry. Mr. Stainthorpe has an excellent safety record and continues to improve oilfield practices to minimize risk exposure for his clients.

Dan McCormack - VP of Engineering

Dan McCormack, P. Eng. 

Vice President of Engineering 

Since graduating from the University of Alberta as a Mechanical Engineer in 1985, Mr. McCormack has worked in a variety of positions and companies throughout the oil and gas industry.

Starting as an Exploitation Engineer with Dome Petroleum, Mr. McCormack has acquired expertise in reservoir and production engineering, project economic modelling, project management, contracts, and oil field production equipment design and trouble shooting.  Since 2010 Mr. McCormack has been the Vice President of Engineering at PetroJet Canada Inc.

Owen Rush

Owen Rush

Field Superintendent

Mr. Rush has worked in the oil and gas industry for over twenty years in various positions, all of which have been spent gaining specialized knowledge in drilling and completion operations.  He has held multiple positions during that time, which included working as an Independent Contractor through OJR Consulting Ltd., providing technical advice and supervision services in the drilling and completion phases and as Operations Manager for Weatherford Wireline.  Additionally he was a member of the IRP 13 committee, and was directly involved in designing the current competency outline for the Slickline industry in Western Canada. Mr. Rush brings a wealth of experience to this position and oversees PetroJet’s field operations, shop operations as well as PetroJet’s safety program.