We drill directed permeability channels to
enhance oil and gas production.

"Seeing is believing" - watch our test video:


Come and join us at the Global Petroleum Show 

Calgary, Alberta 

Stampede Park

June 9-11, 2015


On Tuesday November 4th PetroJet presented at the Canadian Heavy Oil Association Conference in Calgary.

  • The presentation titled “Ultra-Short Radius Laterals in SAGD Well Pairs for Improved Steam Distribution and Production”  available here for download below.

  • Download our presentation and brochure below
PetroJet Presentation 2013.pdf PetroJet Presentation 2013.pdf
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Type : pdf
PJ Brochure 2013.pdf PJ Brochure 2013.pdf
Size : 2065.021 Kb
Type : pdf
PetroJet CHOA Nov 4, 2014.pdf PetroJet CHOA Nov 4, 2014.pdf
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Type : pdf

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